Fernhill Resort Chail
(Shimla Hills)

About Chail:-
Come to chail and feel mother nature at her best.
Chail, in the midst of lush green and beautiful landscape, situated at the height of 2,250 mts. and is just 45 kms away from congested city life of state capital , Shimla. Nature is the reasons why his highness Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala chose this area to be his summer capital. The entire region is surrounded by the forests of chirr pine and gigantic deodars. Chail is hikers paradise (ie one of the best destination in north India for walking in the natural environment .)
History of Chail:-
Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was exiled from Shimla, the summer capital of the British Empire. The Maharaja, in order to avenge this great dishonor, vowed to build a better summer capital than Shimla and his search for such a place ended when he came across the exquisite town of Chail. Chail, with its stunning landscapes & magnificent mountains, is the perfect holiday destination and Maharaja Bhupinder singh realized that he had found the place that could truly compete with Shimla in terms of beauty. Chail is in direct vision of Shimla and the fact that its hills are a little higher than those in Shimla added to Chail's desirability in the eyes of the Maharaja. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh made chail as his summer capital.
Climate: Comfortable around the year. Best Season Around the year depending on Choice.
Clothing: Required Light woolens/ cottons in summer and heavy woolens in winter.
Temperature Details of Chail:-
Month Max. Temp in Celsius Mini. Temp in Celsius
April 15 11
May 23 14
June 23 16
July 22 15
August 17 15
September 16 14
October 15 11
November 5 3
December 2 1
January 1 -2
February 3 -9
March 9 4
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